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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

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Welcome to Kyoto Pastec Co.,Ltd.

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ZIP code: 604-8145

Higashinotoin Takoyakushi Sagaru Kyoto City 604-8145 Japan

Optical design center
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Sunrise building Takakura Takoyakushi Kyoto City Japan


ZIP code: 604-8159

Ohara RaigoIn Sakyouku Kyoto City Japan







last update 2007 10/1

Fourier Infrared Spectroscopy
Fourier Near Infrared Spectroscpy
FTIR gas analyzer FTIR portable analyzer
Polished Crystal optics IR sample cards Presses Handy quick press
Evacuable pellet dies Spectroscopic powders
Liquid ceel gas cell
PAT(Process Analytical Technologies)analyzer
High pressure ATR diamond ZnSe Ge ATR with clamps Integrating spheres
Photoacoustic Spctroscsopy(PAS)
Remote sensing gas analyzer
Immision Emission gas analyzer

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